Conflict Services

About this service

Conflict management and mediation is more than just 'putting people in a room and telling them to work it out like adults'. It's a sophisticated, professional and diplomatic process that draws on specialist skills and knowledge about communication, human factors and psychology. 

Many simple 'mediations' go wrong because the parties involved feel unprepared, unsafe, unclear and unsupported, even when leaders have the best intentions to be supportive.

YES will provide advice, support and practical assistance to help resolve negative workplace behaviour, manage conflict and restore positive, professional and productive relationships. If mediation is not the most appropriate assessment, an alternative conflict resolution process will be recommended.


  • Assessment of conflict, team and relationship functioning
  • Advice and conflict coaching to leaders
  • Mediation and conflict resolution interventions
  • Early Intervention and Facilitation services
  • Reports and recommendations


Increased performance and productivity

Development of conflict resolution skills

Employee retention

Reduced stress, absenteeism and presenteeism

Enhanced workplace communication

Team functioning and effectiveness