YES - Your Effective Solution

We provide tailored solutions for leadership development and workplace wellbeing objectives. Engaging experiences - for capability & confidence

What we do

Empower leadership, wellbeing & performance

We’re in the business of empowering organisations to support their leaders and teams to reach higher levels of performance, wellbeing and success.  

We do this through developing customised solutions and programs that improve culture and drive sustainable behaviour change.

why we do it

Passion for positive change through developing people

We are passionate about helping organisations and their teams change for the better. We believe successful organisations need people at all levels who are inspired, engaged and connected.

This is achieved through workplace wellbeing, leadership effectiveness and the right culture.

Our Core Services

Tailored leadership programs and coaching for new leaders and managers at all levels, including executives.

Team development and training services to boost resilience, relationships, performance and engagement. 

Tailored workplace wellbeing & resilience programs. Wellbeing profiling and recommendations. Wellbeing strategy & action plans.

Expert consulting for individual, team and organisational effectiveness. Assessment, advice and evidence-based interventions.

Conflict management services, including facilitated conversations, mediation, solution-brokering and advice. 

Programs to build positive workplace culture and leadership accountability for mentally healthy workplaces.

Virtual Services Available during COVID-19

Our Commitment

Exceptional Service

We always aim to exceed your expectations and deliver exceptional service.

Really Listening

We will listen, we will challenge and we will find the right solution.

Partnership & Rapport

We will gain your team’s confidence and build rapport with an empathic, engaging and collaborative approach.

Comprehensive Assessment

We will utilise a data driven approach to diagnose your organisation's underlying people issues and develop practical, effective solutions.

Authentic & Friendly

We are authentic, professional and friendly in the way we provide services and engage you and your people.

Responsive & Available

You will always be able to contact our senior team for advice and support.

Tactical Composure Resilience Program

Our new flagship resilience program has launched and is helping people develop awareness, calm and focus 


Working with YES

Nina Du Thaler

Group Executive Digital & Technology - Uniting Care

YES helped us through a very challenging period. Their leadership training in empathy and resilience helped open up the conversation about mental health in the workplace, developing a language around concern and checking in with each other.

Clint Theil

Head of Safety Health Environment & Quality - Veolia ANZ

The responsiveness and connection to our employees have been second to none. YES quickly gained the trust of our workforce and have helped to build resilience in our people, both personally and professionally.

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