Workplace & Employee Wellbeing

About this service

Employee Wellbeing & Mental Health is a key driver of business outcomes. Healthy workers are productive workers There are a number of practical and valuable actions that an organisation can take to help prevent mental health problems and increase the resilience, wellbeing and health of their workforce.

Other than the obvious benefits to people and productivity, the Return on Investment (ROI) for effectively designed and delivered workplace wellness programs is $2.3 (or greater) for every dollar spent.


  • Support for remote workforces impacted by COVID-19
  • Assessment of workforce wellbeing and mental health (profiling)
  • Onsite group and team resilience support programs
  • Workplace Wellbeing Programs - Design for Return on Investment
  • Resilience training programs
  • Tactical Composure training for resilience, wellbeing, focus and productivity
  • Mentally Healthy Workplaces - Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs
  • The WELLbeing Leadership Program - Leading Mental Health Culture at Work
  • Peer Support Programs


Increased employee wellbeing

Productivity and performance

Employee attraction and retention

Employee satisfaction and engagement

Early intervention and supportive culture

Reduced cost of absenteeism and claims