WELLbeing Leadership

Mental health training for managers and leaders that helps build supportive culture, employee wellbeing & positive communication in the workplace.

Why Train in WELLbeing Leadership?

Mental Health Leadership is central to the success of wellbeing programs. Leaders have significant industrial responsibilities when it comes to employee mental health.  They may lack the knowledge or skills to lead crucial wellbeing conversations, resulting in avoidance and organisational risk. Evidence-based mental health training for managers builds the confidence that leaders need to manage mental health at work and build on a supportive culture where employees feel safe to seek assistance and looked after by the business.

Workplace Wellbeing: What we know

Research shows that employee wellbeing is maximised when their leaders can create a positive CULTURE, they know how to COMMUNICATE with employees about their mental health to monitor wellbeing and facilitate support, they lead effectively through CRISIS, and can promote COME BACKS to normal functioning using the WELL Leadership model.

Mental Health Training For Managers

Our WELLBeing Leadership program has the following four key components:

  • Workplace Culture
  • Effective Communication
  • Leading Crisis
  • Leading Come-Backs

Having leaders and managers undertake wellbeing training can have long term, wide reaching positive effects for an organisation including reduced absenteeism, reduction in internal conflicts and improved productivity.

mental health training for managers | workplace wellbeing training by Yes Psychology

Program Focus

Workplace Culture

Understanding the context: Legal rights, Responsibilities and Duty of Care 

Understand the essentials: Workplace Stress, Stigma and Mental Health

Effective Communication

How to talk to staff about wellbeing

How to recognise and monitor staff wellbeing

How to empathise with confidence

How to formulate solutions

Leading Crisis

Leadership actions to support employees affected by crisis events, including critical incidents, suicide, peak performance periods/tight deadlines, major organisational change.

Leading Come-Backs

Individual, team and organisational recovery

Returning people to work and routine

Leader wellbeing

Toolkits to Support Leaders


Ways to communicate.

Wellbeing continuum posters.


Talking tools and cue cards.
Referral points.


Crisis care assessment tools. Suicide risk assessment.


Return to work plans.

Self-Care plans.