Team Effectiveness & Development Training

A Team Development Program With A Difference

Whilst the concept of working within a team is commonplace and generally taken for granted, working within a high performing team is unfortunately a rarer occurrence. All teams experience frustrations, discord and imbalances at times. To establish a team as “high performing” requires conscious effort on the part of not just the Team Leader, but all team members. Team effectiveness can be significantly influenced with the right training and support.

High-performing teams (HPTs) are teams that are highly focused on their goals and that achieve superior business results.

Achieving Team Effectiveness

Most teams have experienced some form of ‘team development’ workshop. These sessions frequently fail to deliver the required results however, (beyond a “feel good” factor at the end of the day). The reason for this is that they typically follow a generic off-the-shelf formula, rather than being designed around the specific needs of the team and the individuals that make up that team.

team meeting adopting lessons from team effectiveness training

Our team effectiveness programs commence with a comprehensive diagnostic process, that achieves two purposes:

  • Allows the facilitator to understand each individual viewpoint, key concerns, the impact this may be having on the team performance, their expectations and individual goals.
  • Allows team members to defuse emotions in a safe environment and feel more comfortable participating in the workshop or other recommended interventions.

Team Effectiveness Assessment & Development Services

  • Team assessment and profiling
  • Formulation of shared goals
  • Team development workshops
  • Facilitated sessions and conversations
  • Development of agreed shared behaviours and charters and methods for maintaining accountability
  • Relationship repair or relationship building interventions

Team Training & Development

We've listed below a selection of topics which can be tailored to suit brief or full-day workshop designs. Individual coaching before, during and after, can also add exceptional value and drive transfer of learning.

Types of Team Development Programs

Benefits Of Team Effectiveness Training

Employee confidence and capability

Build resilient individuals and teams

Productivity and performance

Engage, motivate and retain key talent

Reduce risks of work-related stress

Reduce costs of claims and abseenteeism