A practical stress resilience & productivity program for workplaces


TACTICAL COMPOSURE teaches a set of proven composure tactics, that build stress resilience, calm, focus.  The tactics can also create a buffer to stress, anxiety and depression. Flow on effects to productivity, relationships and wellbeing are also expected, if tactics are practiced over time. 

TACTICAL COMPOSURE is the action of deliberately applying composure and preparation tactics in order to manage potentially stressful or demanding situations, that are likely to recur.

Learn practical exercises for your tactical composure objectives – including how to:

  • Recognise stress and typical triggers
  • Reduce your tension and stress
  • Refocus your attention on purpose
  • Relax your body quickly and discreetly
  • Rehearse how to respond to tense situations
  • Reconnect to tactics that work for you
  • Respond, rather than react to things
  • Reframe your thinking to reduce frustration
  • Refresh your everyday wellbeing and build resilience

We think better, feel better, communicate better and perform better when we’re in a state of calm, composure and clear thinking.

Kash Thomson - program founder


Increased awareness and insight

Increased wellbeing and resilience

Improved focus and attention

Productivity and performance gains

Reduction in stress, frustration and anxiety

Positive flow on effects to communication and relationships


COMPOSURE is the state of being calm and in control of oneself. Think cool, clear and centred.

Using the power of modern mindfulness and cognitive behaviour techniques, Tactical Composure skills can boost focus, wellbeing and performance.

Attention regulation

Ability to pay attention on purpose. Improved presentness, situational awareness and safety.

Mental responsiveness

Improved psychological flexibility. Ability to gain perspective and plan ways to manage challenges.

Emotional resilience

Improved coping skills and stress management. Reduced reactiveness to stress.

Physical readiness

Improved mental and physical wellbeing. Focused and ready to respond. 

Engaging Training

The six core tactic groups

Level 1: Surface level tactics, easy to grasp, quick to learn and apply in the moment

  • Recognising Tactics - techniques and actions that identify and acknowledge where your attention has been focused. Creating composure through insight, awareness and relating differently to situations, thoughts and feelings that trigger tension or bother you.
  • Regulating Tactics - techniques and actions that gather your attention in the here and now. Creating composure through relaxation, grounding, physically reducing the experience of tension and helping to activate the clear-thinking centres of the brain.
  • Refocusing Tactics - techniques and actions that direct your attention to where it needs to be and helping it stay there. Creating composure through action, conscious-thinking and a sense of progress and control.

Level 2: Deeper level tactics, requiring more time to learn or foster, sometimes requiring others

  • Reframing Tactics - techniques and actions that identify the automatic thoughts and beliefs that underlying tension-triggering situations and give you back deliberate choice in the constructive thoughts you want to use. Creating composure through compassion and positive, constructive and realistic thinking.
  • Rehearsing Tactics - techniques and actions that help you prepare constructive, helpful responses to future situations that are likely to trigger tension. Creating composure through virtual practice, being mentally prepared and knowing the avenues of advice or support should they be needed.
  • Reconnecting Tactics - techniques and actions that help you recall, record and reconnect to the sources of positive energy, support and strength in your work and life. Creating composure through gaining a sense of perspective, support and positive emotions, tapping into past successes, current abilities and other 'good things'.

90-Minute Introduction Session

  • An interactive taste test of proven tactics for composure and stress management.
  • An introduction to the practice of mindful focus and attention regulation.
  • The benefits and ways to practice at home and work.

Half-Day Training Session

  • An interactive half-day workshop demonstrating a variety of exercises across the six core Tactics.
  • More opportunity to experience different ways to bring personal composure.
  • Determine how to use the tactics to deal with a recurring tension trigger or challenging situation.
  • Determine your favourite Tactics and create a Tactical Composure Exercise Plan.
  • Access audio and written materials to practice your chosen tactics.

Comprehensive Training (1.5 days)

  • An interactive full-day workshop covering the full range of exercises across the six core Tactics.
  • Determine your favourite Tactics and create a Tactical Composure Exercise Plan.
  • Practice your chosen tactics daily for 4-6 weeks (15-20 minutes day) with the help of audio and written materials.
  • Return for a half-day follow up session to discuss and fine tune your Tactical Composure Exercise Plan and deepen your skill-set.

What to expect

  • An interactive workshop where you get to participate in demonstrations across a full range of core tactics, and discuss them with buddies.
  • Build up awareness of personal tension-triggers and realistic ways of getting ‘composed’ when they happen.
  • Determine how to use the tactics to deal with a recurring tension trigger or challenging situation.
  • Practice your chosen tactics daily for 4-6 weeks (15-20 minutes day) with the help of audio and written materials.
  • Learn more about the science and power of tactical composure and have your questions answered by a professional.
  • A positive experience, where we also focus on strengths and connections, and how they lead to better mental health.

What Participants Have Said

  • I've become more observant and aware
  • I can notice myself getting triggered and not react
  • I'm just more calm and focused – letting distractions go
  • I successfully used the tactics at home with my family
  • I used the tactics to help with a very demanding work situation
  • I could wind down and get to sleep better
  • I feel more 'present' and productive – a sense of self-control
  • I have a stronger sense of wellbeing
  • I feel more connected to colleagues and family
  • I was able to relax on cue and not get overwhelmed by frustrations
  • I noticed my deliberate composure influenced others positively
  • I was able to get more done


CLICK below to access samples of some of the Tactic Groups on our dedicated TACTICAL COMPOSURE site