About YES

Who We Are

YES Psychology & Consulting is a boutique firm of psychologists, specialising in the areas of leadership and wellbeing.

We design and deliver services to public and private sector organisations, across a range of industries. 

We engage a team of proven performers to help deliver 'Your Effective Solution".

Our Difference - Your Effective Solution

Yes Psychology is different to other Leadership & Wellbeing Consulting firms in that:

We have unique, extensive & broad commercial experience in senior leadership roles

This means we have a genuine understanding of a clients needs and are able to respond and initiate solutions quickly.

We take an evidence-based approach, leveraging our expertise as qualified psychologists with extensive business experience

This means we are better placed to help people achieve their best professionally and personally.

We have proven expertise in organisational behaviour, mental health and cultural change

This means we achieve practical, positive, sustainable transformation; equipping people with transferable tools and skills to optimise performance and help develop resilience.

We are a ‘boutique’ leadership and wellbeing consulting firm

This means that we are flexible, responsive and you will work directly and continuously with a director of our firm.

We are objectively empathic authentic and engaged listeners who quickly build rapport

This means we quickly build confidence and develop trust to enable us to get to the heart of an issue and achieve the best outcomes for individuals and organisations.

YES is powered by a combination of clinical and organisational psychology, and expertise in the leadership, human services and health fields.

Our Team

Mental Health Education, Strategy, Design & Implementation; Wellbeing; Conflict; Conversation Programs; Leadership Coaching.


Professional speaking; Training & Facilitation; Assessment & Development for Leaders, Culture and Wellbeing; Coaching.


Workplace Mental Health Leadership & Strategy; Trauma; Workplace Wellbeing, Peer Support & Resilience; Coaching & Team Development.


Leadership; Employee & Workplace Wellbeing; Training Design; Tactical Composure; Resilience; Mental Health; Conference Presenter.


Wellbeing and Resilience; Training and Facilitation; Leadership Development; Culture and Engagement. Wellbeing Programs & Strategy.


Our Senior Associates

Coaching; Peer Support Programs; Training; Elite Athlete Wellbeing Support; Mental Health & Wellbeing; Leadership Support; Remote Workforce Support

Katrina Robertson

Associate - QLD

Wellbeing Strategy; Peer Support Programs; Training; Mental Health; Leadership; Critical Incident Support; Elite Athlete Wellbeing Support.

Geoff Cox

associate - QLD

Counselling; Employee Wellbeing; Group Supervision; Mental Health; Coaching; Peer Support Programs; Training; Critical Incident Support

Tom Evans

associate - VIC

Safety Leadership & Culture; Psychological Health & Safety; Psychosocial Risk Assessment; Qualified Auditor; Organisational Wellbeing

Teegan Modderman

associate - QLD

Mental Health; Employee Assistance; Group Support; Mindfulness; Peer Support Programs; Wellbeing Training

Mitch Ackerley


Performance Psychology; Talent Management; Leadership Coaching; People Strategy; Profiling; Wellbeing

Jess Gysin-Webster

associate - SA Partners

Experience you can rely on

We have decades of real-life experience as consultants, practitioners and managers, assisting a wide variety of customers and industries over the years, including Water, Construction, Mines, Energy, Local and State Government, Education, Health, Banking and Finance, Law, Logistics, Customer and Human Services, Emergency Services and Public Safety. From city to country, from home to FIFO, boardroom to 'crib room', Hiltons to Camps.... we have a grounded sense of the real world of work.

Our Memberships

THe Australian HR institute

The Australian Psychological Society

Wayahead workplaces