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FREE Webinar: Re-energise Yourself and Your Team

FREE Webinar: Re-energise Yourself and Your Team. Do you find yourself slow to get started this year? Are the impacts of 2020 still lingering? Are you concerned that you and your team are not in the right headspace to make the most of 2021? YES Psychology & Consulting are running a free 45 minute webinar […]

Energise your Team for 2021

Have you felt it yet? The 2021 jitters? For some of you it may be a slight sense of unease at the back of your mind. For others, it may be more like a blaring alarm. It typically occurs at the start of the year as a result of the (unresolved) hangover of the previous […]

Do you need to be a ‘technical leader’​ to bring out the best in a ‘technical team’​?

I work in Leadership and Culture and spend a lot of time helping organisations and leaders with their “people leadership”. I’ve seen technically oriented leaders who fail to let go of the ‘security blanket’ of technical competence get bogged down in the weeds of micromanagement. I’ve seen them frustrate their best technicians by failing to […]


For leaders and managers, TACTICAL COMPOSURE  (which includes mindful attention) is a pathway to MINDFUL LEADERSHIP and WISE DISCERNMENT! TACTICAL COMPOSURE is the action of deliberately applying composure and preparation tactics in order to manage potentially stressful or demanding situations, that are likely to recur. Activating the conscious and strategic centres of the brain can […]


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Feature Feb 2021

How to re-energise teams!

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