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Designing tailored leadership assessment and development programs and coaching for new leaders and managers at all levels, including executives.

+ Mentoring development; Transition from technical to people leadership; Leadership team development

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Team development and team building services for team communication, resilience, relationships, performance and engagement.

+ Training and development in people skills, self-management, dealing with difficult situations.

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Expert consulting and strategy services for organisational and team effectiveness. Assessment, advice and evidence-based interventions.

+ Evaluation and review of existing initiatives; Expert advice on best-practices and workable action plans.

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Designing tailored workplace wellbeing and resilience programs. Wellbeing profiling and recommendations. Mental health and wellbeing strategy & action plans.

+ Resilience training; mental health awareness; Peer support programs; targeted wellbeing initiatives.

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Programs to build positive workplace culture and leadership accountability for mentally healthy workplaces.

+ Review of existing initiatives and capability; Mental health leadership training, toolkits and support.

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Conflict management services, including conflict assessments, facilitated conversations, mediation, reporting and advice. 

+ Team-based interventions; Relationship functioning assessments; Leadership advice and conflict coaching; Early intervention; Relationship repair.  MORE details..


As psychologists, using evidence-based and informed interventions is in our DNA


Transfer learning into action with realistic and practical strategies that you can import into work and life


Services and facilitators that engage you in the journey and create impactful experiences


Building resilience, focus and productivity through evidence-based, practical tactics.

Building confidence to have the most crucial conversations in the workplace.

Building a supportive culture and leadership capability for mentally healthy workplaces.

Virtual Services available during COVID-19 Disruptions

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