START a Conversation

Leadership courage to start three crucial conversation: conflict, wellbeing and performance conversations.

About CareFULL Leaders

Many leaders are reluctant to start these difficult conversations, as issues can overlap and can become complicated. This program helps to identify and manage the barriers that hold leaders back from having important conversations early. Furthermore, participants develop self-awareness about personal trigger points, unconscious bias and what's personally stopping them from having the conversation.

Key objectives:

  • Ability to assess what needs to happen
  • Ability to empathise and remain emotionally independent from the situation
  • Ability to really listen, hear and seek to understand
  • Ability to prepare and apply skilful conversation approaches (what to do and say)
  • Learn the simple and effective preparation techniques for a challenging conversation using the
  • START principles and skills: S.T.A.R.T. = Stop, Think, Assess, Regulate & Then..start the conversation
  • Stepped approaches to conflict conversations, wellbeing check- ins and performance conversations


Increased awareness and insight

Increased wellbeing and resilience

Improved focus and attention

Productivity and performance gains

Reduction in stress, frustration and anxiety

Positive flow on effects to communication and relationships