Leadership Coaching & Development

A Different Approach To Leadership Development & Coaching

Leadership coaching and development, when done well, can be a core platform for building better leaders. To generate the desired leadership and organisational outcomes requires a move away from 'off the shelf', generic leadership training programs to a more contextual and collaborative leadership development process.

This is where the team at YES can help. We develop tailored programs that address the specific needs of your organisation. This can include group training sessions, individual leadership sessions and 'transition to leadership' programs. We can also facilitate leadership assessment profiling and help develop the culture and effectiveness of your leadership team, from team leader through to executive levels.

Developing Better Leaders

Effective leadership development works when we can combine an increased awareness of personal leadership style, signature strengths and leadership challenges, with the accountability and commitment to learn and develop. From team leaders to managers through to board level executives, anyone who has responsibility for managing people can benefit from training and coaching.

leadership coaching in action - female leader talking to a table of colleagues | Yes Psychology

Leadership training and coaching can facilitate productive change in people, teams, and systems by enabling leaders, managers, and employees to uncover potential that might otherwise go untapped. Through a blend of individual assessment and coaching, person-centered learning and broader leadership team development, participants will achieve both a tailored, actionable plan for development, as well as the support to implement necessary changes.

Leadership Development Programs

  • Tailored leadership development programs
  • Leadership assessment (psychological profiling, 360 degree feedback)
  • Individual leadership one on one coaching (Team Leader through to Executive levels)
  • Leadership Team development
  • Leadership Training for New Leaders programs

Benefits of Leadership Training

Increased performance and productivity

Development of conflict resolution skills

Employee retention

Reduced stress, absenteeism and presenteeism

Enhanced workplace communication

Team functioning and effectiveness