Transition to Leadership

Building confidence in people leadership, self-leadership and stepping up to leadership role 

Leadership Training for New Leaders

Transition to Leadership requires stepping up to the leadership mark and changing some ways in which you communicate and relate to colleagues roles, even when you're a technically competent worker in the same workplace.

Many leaders quickly discover the rewards and challenges of this transition, namely the people and behaviour management side of things. YES can provide practical training, conversation tools and tips for leaders who are facing 'people management' for the first time.

This is where our program of Leadership Training For New Leaders can be crucial. Training Workshops & 1:1 Coaching programs can be tailored to your workplace scenarios and typically cover these topics:

  • Attributes and skills of effective leaders – driving employee wellbeing, culture and performance
  • Development plans for you as a leader – growth and resilience mindsets
  • Mentoring and connecting with your team members 1:1 as their leader versus peer
  • Balancing relationships and tasks – focus on people and performance at the same time
  • Practical and supportive leadership behaviours that build trust, engagement and morale
  • Dealing with stress, frustration and emotions in team members
  • Early intervention conflict management and constructive feedback conversations
  • Proactive Performance and Wellbeing Management as a key to risk management
  • Making the time for self-care, team-care and relationships (not just tasks and deadlines)
  • Dealing with difficult conversations and challenging behaviours
  • Handy conversation tools and models to guide you as a leader