Crucial Conversations in the workplace

Dealing with a difficult conversation at work?

As a manager it is inevitable that you will need to have difficult conversations with team members. It might be about inappropriate behaviours or poor performance, for example. For a workplace, crucial conversations training seeks to answer these questions:

  • What sorts of conversations do we need to be having in our organisation?
  • How well are we initiating these conversations in a consistent way presently? and
  • What do we need to be doing next to help build a culture of having crucial conversations?


  • Increase self-awareness and empathy for others who need to initiate crucial conversations
  • Increase knowledge of effective ways to initiate conversations in a constructive manner
  • Increase readiness to initiate difficult conversations in timely way
  • Lay down a foundation for leaders and the workplace to encourage a culture of open conversations

A culture of open conversations

Image that your people feel safe, prepared and willing to initiate managing difficult conversations early...

Developing a common language and framework can make it easier for leaders and their teams to raise issues and put things on the table in a constructive way.   

Topics Covered In This Training

The following are popular topics requested for Crucial Conversations training

  • The sorts of conversations we need to be having and why
  • What stops ups from having these conversations
  • Building the courage and knowledge in how to start a conversation
  • How to respond with others start a crucial conversation
  • How a team and organisation and contribute to a culture of open conversations
  • Building relationship credit and trust over time
  • Understanding our most pressing conversation that needs to happen
  • Planning an approach to our most pressing concern
  • Sharing tips and experiences in group discussions
  • Dealing with challenging behaviours 
  • Managing other people's reactions
  • Maintaining composure and learning how to switch off afterwards
  • When and how to seek 3rd party help
  • Scenario discussions - what to do and say when 'X' happens

Programs can be tailored to the culture and needs of the group.

Crucial Conversations Training Options

A range of options for introducing and strengthening crucial conversations in your workplace.


Introduction to Crucial Conversations: 90-120 mins. The types and benefits of crucial conversations. How to prepare and start a conversation. How to be open and respond when others start a conversation. How to contribute to an open culture of conversations.


Crucial Conversations Training: Half-day and full programs to practice various conversation formulas related to the types of conversations your team needs to be having. Preparedness and confidence. More time for scenario discussions.


Group Coaching: 90 mins. Regular or as-required small group sessions for leaders or teams to share scenarios, refresh on crucial conversations formulas and discuss next the steps for crucial conversations that need to happen.

Introduce a Crucial Conversations Approach to your Workplace!