Dealing with difficult?

We provide training in dealing with difficult behaviours, conversations, situations and 'personality styles'. Build awareness and confidence in how to defuse emotional situations and manage crucial conversations.

Dealing with Difficult Behaviours

Working in a role that is characterised by high levels of intense client contact can often be both rewarding and challenging. Team members may frequently be required to deal with strong emotional reactions, difficult behaviours in clients and manage challenging conversations in a professional and confident manner. The same type of situations can occur within teams and require peers or managers to deal with uncomfortable conversations and behaviours at work.

With appropriate training and support, individuals and teams can increase their sense of confidence and control over these types of situations, and manage them more effectively.

Our interactive training typically covers the following types of topics:

  • Understanding the context of your work and the types of difficult behaviours and conversations likely to arise
  • Understanding why some people display difficult and emotional behaviours
  • The psychology and neuroscience of stress and conflict
  • Reframing the difficult person
  • Managing personal triggers and reactions
  • Maintaining empathy and composure in the face of challenge
  • Defusing emotions and maintaining the relationships
  • Deescalating and withdrawing from anger and aggression
  • How to deal with distress, tears and panic
  • Conversation tools for challenging situations
  • Team approaches to difficult behaviours
  • Tips on what to do and say in difficult and tricky situations
  • Sources of support
  • Tools for handling particular conversations


Build competence, confidence and composure in your workforce.

Build essential defusing skills

Build confidence and resilience

Reduce likelihood of incidents

Increase customer satisfaction

Increase sense of staff support

Reduce costs of stress and claims