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Looking to set your team up for success in 2021? Start here. A variety of sessions for teams who want to start 2021 afresh and avoid the 2020 hangover.

2020 was a year of reacting - reacting to unexpected changes, different ways of working and interacting. Tolerance levels were stretched thin and tired teams were just looking forward to getting away for a Xmas break.

Without a deliberate focus on ‘setting the tone’ for 2021, the risk is that teams carry the challenges of 2020 over with them.

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Team Energise Options

These sessions are designed to lead your team through a structured and interactive process for ’re-energizing’ and refocusing for 2021.

90 minute webinar

90-minute energising webinar delivered live via Zoom. Focus is on revitalising and commitment (individually & collectively). Think high energy, good connections and healthy team habits.

half day team workshop

Reflecting on 2020, participants establish (through individual & group activities) how the team needs to work together in 2021 and what actions need to occur to make this happen.

full day team workshop

Teams work through a structured process of understanding each other better, connecting with the team purpose, letting go of bad team habits and establishing the right ’team routine’ for 2021.

One of the biggest sources of team dysfunction is a lack of understanding – about roles, purpose and each other. Too many teams settle for a process of “team building”, which whilst fun, often don’t deliver any tangible, sustainable benefits. These programs deliver the following benefits.

Benefits for You and Your Team

Shared Understanding

These sessions utilise tools and processes to help develop a shared understanding. Team members will improve their understanding of individual strengths and preferences (theirs and their colleagues’) and how these can be utilised collectively to maximise team functioning.

Practical Tips

These sessions utilise positive psychology and group dynamics tactics that are evidence based and backed by research. Teams can then utilise these tactics themselves to ‘maintain the momentum’ beyond the workshop

"I wanted to thank you for the workshop with the team on Monday, it was fantastic! Exactly the sort of thing I was looking for. I asked the team what they thought of Monday and they all gave really positive feedback - they thought it was very helpful, they loved your delivery and especially liked the use of the mobile phone app for responses. Everyone is feeling positive and pumped for the year ahead. Now we just have to keep that momentum going".

Jane M // Director

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