October 27


Supporting Workplaces Impacted by COVID-19

We can help you support your leaders and employees who are working remotely or impacted by COVID-19. Our team of experienced psychologists is available to provide tele-health and online (skype, zoom etc) support where necessary.

  • Advice and consulting on managing people and emotions during periods of disruption
  • Leadership support and coaching (including your internal response and crisis teams)
  • Organisational, team and individual wellbeing check-ins
  • A strategy for workplace mental wellbeing
  • Facilitating effective leadership strategy and communications
  • Facilitating team engagement and team wellbeing during challenging times
  • Expert guest appearances for your webinars and videos


Never before, on a mass scale, has it been paramount for leaders to show supportive leadership behaviours, WH&S obligations and organisational preparedness – considering what Australians have faced and are facing in 2020 with natural disasters and COVID-19. This is the time to seek expert advice and consulting services – when your people resources are stretched or displaced.

Leaders are faced with a changing, ambiguous, uncertain and demanding time. Good communication, organisation and coping skills will be necessary and critical during this time. In these trying work conditions, organisations and leaders need to be making good decisions about their peoples’ performance, engagement, and wellbeing.

Furthermore, emotions will continue to escalate in individuals who are usually ’emotionally secure’ as COVID-19 continues, let alone people who may be prone to anxiety or at risk. There are practical things that can be done to support leaders and help manage the pressures of complex and wicked problems affecting people and workforces.


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