October 27


Leadership by Design

Almost all organisations will agree that developing their leaders is a crucial component of current and future business success. Many will invest in leadership development programs (academic and/or experiential) that aim to teach leaders the key skills, behaviours and attitudes that underpin ‘good leadership’.

Considerable time is spent with leaders in workshops raising self-awareness and generating motivation to change. Where most programs fall down however is a lack of emphasis on maintaining the momentum and embedding the learnings and behavioural changes as part of day to day business.

As a result, organisations are left asking questions like:

  • Why didn’t my leadership development fix our silo problem?
  • Why didn’t that great energy, motivation and intent displayed by our leaders in the workshops translate into improved business outcomes?
  • Why are the important leadership conversations that need to happen still being avoided?

At YES Psychology & Consulting, we like to treat leadership development a bit differently. Through a combination of research, decades of practice in the field of leadership development (including a lot of trial and error) and real conversations with leaders at all levels, we have refined our approach. We don’t run public leadership programs (even though there are some great leadership programs out there).

We start with a conversation, where you can expect us to ask a couple of crucial questions for your organisation:

  1. Your Strategic Priorities. What are your strategic priorities (assuming they are still relevant) and what are the implications of this for your leaders (what do they need to be doing if you are to achieve your organisational outcomes)?
  2. Your Culture. What is your desired culture to support your strategic priorities and how does this differ from your existing culture. We believe you can’t separate leadership and culture. Everything your leaders do (and don’t do) consciously or unconsciously is driving and maintaining your culture.
  3. Your Commitment. What are you willing to commit to do to ensure that the ‘new way of leading’ in your organisation becomes embedded as part of every leader’s day-to-day practice. We are so convinced of the impact of this on positive ROI, that we would prefer not to work with you unless it is in place.

Yes we are Psychologists (Oragnisational and Clinical) and evidence-based practice is a fundamental part of our DNA…. but we try not to overcomplicate things. Yes we are accredited in a range of leadership assessment, coaching and leadership team development tools…but we recognise that some programs work better without them. Yes we do expect that you will partner with us in owning the program and its outcomes. Yes we do want to talk to you about your leadership development.

ASK YES about our:

  • Leadership development
  • Leadership assessment
  • Leadership coaching
  • Leadership team development


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